Brad Tonini’s Highly Paid Consultant Mentoring Program

Be the Trusted Advisor and create your own consulting business

Work the hours you want to work, live the lifestyle you deserve, and create success for your clients


Build a consistent on-going income from packaging your intellectual property and pitching your expertise .

This program is ideal for Service professionals , Executive Coaches and Mentors , Professional Speakers , Solo practitioner Consultants , Professionals and Senior Managers who want to be their own boss !

Hi , I am Brad Tonini and for over 15 years I have consulted to CEO’s through my Strategic Entrepreneur Program , Sales Decision Makers ( Sales Directors , Sales Managers and Team Leaders ) about how to get to transform sales teams and Senior Sales People in getting the Selling Edge .

Along this journey I have had many people ask me how I do what I do .

In the Highly Paid Consultant Program , I will show you the tools I have developed and help you to forge your own strategies to become a great an expert in your own field .

Key outcomes you will walk away with :-

  • Think strategically and tactically about creating a recurring income model in your business

  • The Trusted Advisor Mindset - your ability to move a client towards their desired state

  • Create referrals and a constant stream of qualified leads

  • Earn a premium by structuring your business towards retainers and value based fees

  • Use all modalities to deliver your message - speaking , coaching , mentoring, training , online programs

  • Build long term client relationships for life

Here's how this powerful mentoring program works and what's included :-

Here is how the Mentoring Program Works...

  • Attendance at The Highly Paid Consultant 2 day program

  • Guided program for the first 3 months.

  • Access to all of Brad's Tusted Advisor Selling breakfasts and half-day programs for a full 12 months.

  • Private Sounding Board mentoring for the next 3 months

  • Access to Brad's Monday Morning Mojo, video message every week.

  • Access to Brad's 7-part trusted advisor selling series self-paced video learning program.

  • All of Brads 5 books , 4 dvd programs , cd programs.

Learn how to package your ideas for training sessions,

keynotes and information sessions to sell your services

The Highly Paid Consultant Program will cover these key areas :-

  • The most common blockages to creating a great consulting business.

  • The definition of consulting and what it really is in the market today.

  • How to sell the invisible by creating a tangible solution.

  • The 5 main myths of consulting and how to overcome them.

  • How to build retainers in your business of ongoing income

  • How to develop your own original thought and body of work

  • The confidence game, how self-esteem and confidence dictates the amount of money you'll make.

  • You are the product, moving from a commodity to a market of one.

  • The 3 key questions you must answer to be able to move your consulting business forward.

  • What do you really do for people?

  • How to create analogies , models to illustrate your expertise and to make your ideas memorable

  • What's your "why" in your consulting business.

  • The mind of the buyer in your consulting business.

  • How to talk the language of the buyer to create a positive outcome.

  • How to develop your strategic message of uniqueness

  • The 4 secrets to rainmaking in your consulting business.

  • How to get the trust edge in your business.

  • How to become a great deal-maker and overcome the price objection.